Eugenia Pereira

Eugenia Pereira

AHPC Registered
MSc in Occupational Therapy
BSc in Occupational Therapy

Eugenia is a passionate Occupational Therapist that has been helping clients to maximise their potential to perform desired and essential occupations since 2004.

Eugenia holds a Honours degree in Occupational Therapy from a Portuguese higher education institution and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from a Dutch institution. Eugenia is an advocate for mainstream education and in 2010 she published a study in British Journal of Occupational Therapy that described the participation of children with disabilities attending mainstream schools.

She has worked in Portugal and Denmark before moving to Singapore. In Singapore she was working in an acute care hospital for 8 years, where she was exposed to the singaporean culture and experienced the local health care system.

Currently she is furthering her skills in counselling clients by pursuing a degree in Counselling Psychology.