Florence Yew

Florence Yew

AHPC Registered
MSc in Occupational Therapy (OTR/L)
BSc in Occupational Science

Florence is a Singaporean Occupational Therapist (OT) who completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Science at University at Buffalo in New York, and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at Florida International University in Miami.

She is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and a registered occupational therapist (OTR) with the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (USA). Prior to her return to Singapore, Florence served in New York City public schools and in private pediatric clinics in New York and Miami. She currently maintains her license to practice in the State of New York.

In her professional career, Florence has treated children with various needs including learning disabilities, fine/gross motor developmental delays, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), dyslexia, graphomotor difficulties, attention-deficient disorder (ADD), attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and visual-motor/visual-perceptual difficulties. Florence’s experience in the United States also afforded her the opportunity to interact with children and families from different ethnic backgrounds.

A family-centered approach when treating a child is essential to developing effective and meaningful treatment strategies. By incorporating the family’s concerns, Florence customizes treatment plans to address both the child’s needs and the family’s priorities. Florence also works in a team comprising teachers, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to provide holistic, integrated service and care of children under her charge.

Preoccupation with play is a sign of healthy child development. Taking advantage of a child’s lead in play is an expertise that Florence uses to develop fine and gross motor coordination, emotional maturity, age-appropriate social skills to interact with other children. The result of this approach is a child who will conquer social and academic hurdles with newfound confidence. Florence creates just-right challenges by balancing difficult tasks with physical activities, games, and applications on the iPad. Florence strives to empower the children with the necessary skills to succeed in life.