Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee

AHPC Registered

B. Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
Cert IV Vision Impairment Support
(Orientation & Mobility)


Ruth Lee completed her occupational therapy degree in the University of Sydney (Australia, NSW) in 2002. She has worked in a range of different settings, including private clinics, public hospitals and community organizations.

She specialized in providing rehabilitation services to adults and children in the community. She received further training in the area of providing intervention services to vision impaired and blind clients through her work in low vision and blindness services in Vision Australia, Sydney.

She has worked with children of all ages and various conditions including ADHD, autism, general developmental delay, low vision, dyslexia, motor co-ordination issues, general learning difficulties and social, behavioral issues.

She works closely with families and caregivers to assist them with their needs in the home, community and in the school setting. She believes strongly in the importance of collaboration between parents, caregivers, teachers and other health professionals to ensure that children can thrive in their environments despite their difficulties or special needs. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their fullest potential through play, therapy and intervention.

She has attained training in the following areas:
  • RVIB College (Certificate IV vision impairment support – orientation and mobility)
  • Vision Australia – Cert of attainment (Providing emotional support to clients)
  • Basic DIR Floortime Certified Provider (DIR 101,201)