Autism Assessment

We use a variety of assessment tools to diagnose Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD), and Asperger Syndrome.

It is important to cover a few areas when testing for these disorders in order to make sure that the diagnosis given is accurate.

ADOS-2 is an assessment designed to diagnose Autism.

The ADOS-2, or Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (WPS, 1999), is a standardized, semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction and play for individuals who may have autism or other pervasive developmental disorders. The ADOS-2 assessment consists of standardized activities that allow the examiner to observe behaviors identified as important in children with autism spectrum disorders. Structured activities and materials provide standard contexts in which social interactions, communication and other behaviors relevant to pervasive developmental disorders are likely to appear.

We provide ADOS-2 assessment to children, as part of an Autism assessment package which includes IQ testing and/or adaptive behavior scale. The ADOS-2 assessment allows us to diagnose autism, and to indicate where on the spectrum the child is.

We now have the ADOS-2, which allows us to test toddlers from the age of 18 month to 36 months and determine if they are at risk of being diagnosed with Autism when they are older. This new addition to the test provides specific areas where the child may be lacking and will help target early intervention goals.

Such diagnosis is useful for: