Individual Programs (Math & Literacy)

The approach used is a multi-sensory one which aims to identify and improve areas of cognitive weakness such as auditory and visual discrimination, memory or processing speed.

Structured programmes are designed to improve reading and writing skills through language development, phonics, spelling, word attack skills, grammar, and comprehension from basic factual levels to complex inference and deduction.

We teach Math from basic concepts with emphasis on the understanding of place value and the methods for number operations with application to problem solving situations from the level of early years to secondary school.

Within the Edunamics team, we cover the Literacy and Math curriculum from preschool to leaving age within the contexts of the local school and the international systems. This is inclusive of homeschooled students as well, both mainstream and otherwise. We can help students with a wide range of specific difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and sensory and attention disorders.

If further information on programme content, session availability, or discussion of a specific student's history is required, please contact the Education Coordinator who will be happy to help.

For referrals, please contact our Education Coordinator for more information Alternatively, you can also contact us for any other queries.

Numeracy Training

We also provide Education Therapy in the area of Mathematics. We teach Mathematics from basic concepts with emphasis on the understanding of place value and the application of number operations from the early years curriculum to the higher levels.

Our experienced therapists realise the importance of motivation and success in the learning process and make the sessions a positive and enjoyable experience for the student through interesting and challenging activities using a variety of media including Technology.

Our therapists will build the student’s awareness of his or her specific learning style and teach important skills to help the student to become a more independent learner.