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Programmes & Events

Dive into DIS Summer Camps!

Join Dynamics International School's exciting Summer Camps in June!

Use Baby Bonus at Dynamics Therapy Group

Unlock potential with Dynamics Therapy Group!...

Mid Morning Promotion

Book an appointment between 10am and 2pm to get up to 20% off...

Solution to Children's Feeding Issues

Solution to Children's Feeding Issues

Trust Dynamics Feeding and Swallowing for expert care in feeding issues...

Dynamics EIP Like No Other

Dynamics EIP Like No Other

Dynamics EIP prides itself on equipping students with the necessary skills to attend a...

School Shadow Support

School Shadow Support

Our goal is to help your child integrate seamlessly into his/her mainstream school environment and excel academically...

ABA at Dynamics

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Dynamics!

Find out about Dynamics' excellent ABA department.


Edunamics specialises in Educational Therapy. We offer assessment and academic...

Dynamics EIP Accelerator Program

Fast Track your Child's Progress with our new EIP Accelerator Program!

Know a child struggling in Math

Edunamics has an individualized solution that will be customized specifically for your child.

Home Based Services

At Dynamics, our therapists are able to use a range of home based therapies to help...

Dynamics Social Skills Groups

Join our successful and fun Social Skills Groups...

Physiotherapy at Dynamics

Physiotherapy at Dynamics

Physiotherapy at Dynamics targets infants, toddlers, children and adolescents with a variety...

3 Ways to Get Therapy from Dynamics

Dynamics is now open for face-to-face therapy sessions Tuesday to Saturday...

Dynamics Toddlers Program (DTP)

Our program is designed to prepare Toddlers for playgroup setting. We address...


Are you self-isolating? Worried about travelling on public transport or meeting others?

Conducting Enrichment Programs

Conducting enrichment programs in both local & international...

Dynamics School Assistance

Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids are able to provide school-based support...

Reach your child's fullest potential!

Join your child to our comando team of experts, therapists and teachers for a...

School Observations

Dynamics' experienced ABA therapists will provide customized recommendations to both teachers and parents...

1 Hour Advice Session

Looking for reliable and experienced advice on your child's issues? Yael Sasson, Dynamics' Clinical Director will...

Inclusive and Special Educational Classes

Avail of Dynamics International School's special limited time discounts.

2 Day Free Trial at Dynamics International School

We offer prospective students an opportunity to participate in a 2 day trial!

Get a Free 2 Day Trial at Dynamics EIP

Want to know if Dynamics EIP is the right place for your child? Avail of our 2 day free trial to find out!