Imagine A Better Future

Imagine A
Better Future

We help individuals break through any challenges.
We aim to help as many individuals as we can to achieve their goals and dreams.

Centre Based Therapy

Therapy at our centre is unique as each of our therapist has a dedicated therapy room.

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Our therapists carry all required materials like games and pictures that aid in therapy to your home.

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TeleHealth is now being used for a variety of populations, health disciplines and diagnoses.

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Hybrid Therapy

Hybrid Therapy is a mix of all of the above to provide a more stimulating and convenient way for parents.

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Our Services

Dynamics Therapy Group prides itself in provide quality therapy for all individuals across the lifespan. Children, adults and families are focus of our intervention to improve quality of life.

Services for Children

Services For Children

Childrens are our future, every parent wants the best for their child. Our motto is providing evidence based, quality, and individualize therapy.

Services For Adults

Taking care of yourself is as important as looking after your significant others. We provide therapy for adults in the following areas.

Services for Adults
Services for Families

Services For Families

A stable family and consistant supportive home environment is key for healthy relationships both for parents and children. Our therapies aim to support your family in the following areas.

Our Companies

Dynamics adopts a holistic approach and aim to help every individual to break through any challenges. That's why Dynamics brings all the services under one roof. Our umbrella of companies are listed below:

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