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We provide holistic integrated treatment consisting of Occupational Therapy in a Sensory Integration framework, Speech Therapy, Remedial Teaching, Physiotherapy, and Psychology. Our services are client-centric and aim to bring out the maximal potential of your child. The following sections list the different services.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

A speech language and communication assessment is the foundation for...

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Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy

In this area, we have a few options to cater what suits your child's needs...

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy/Handwriting

For children with sensory difficulty we develop an...

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Motor Development

Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a holistic and engaging program where young children...

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Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment
and Counselling

We offer a variety of comprehensive assessments...

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Physiotherapy at Dynamics targets the following population: infants, children...

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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids

Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids is a leading paediatric therapy centre for children located on Orchard Road in Singapore. We provide client-centric and evidence based therapy, intervention and educational services in a manner which is accessible, comprehensive, and cost-effective.

Our services include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological evaluations and intervention, Social Skills training, Educational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and an Early Intervention Program.

Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids


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to 18 years.

Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids


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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids

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  Dynamics Monthly Newsletter

Issue 77 | November 2020

Balance and Coordination
Balance refers to a body’s ability to maintain their center of gravity within their base of support causing to maintain a controlled body position during a task.....

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  Special Programs

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Open Door Policy

We encourage involvement from parents, and encourage them to take part in sessions whenever possible.

Customer Service

We understand that juggling the little ones and their schedules can be tough and that is why we are an Allied Health Practice that has all services under one roof. We have a wonderful team of customer service officers that have been trained to help you with your queries and schedules.

No Waitlists

When we started out in 2005, therapy services where in severe shortage. Parents were required to wait for months or even years for their therapist of choice. We are committed to ensuring there are no waitlists, by hiring more therapists to meet demand from our clients.

Goal Directed Therapy

Our client's needs come first. We individualise goals which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time-Based) for every child. Goal directed therapy is key to achieve progress and reach optimal progress and potentials.

All Services Under One Roof

For clients which require multiple services (e.g. both Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy) we provide the convenience of one location for all services, as well as the guarantee of a coordinated effort between the professionals working with the child.

Qualified and Experienced Therapists

We recruit therapists from Singapore, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, among other countries. We make sure to recruit the best therapists, and create for them an environment where they enjoy supervision, team support, and additional training and learning. This allows our therapists to provide a better outcome for our clients.

Investment in Equipment and Facilities

Having a large pool of therapists allows us to have economics of scale in terms of our investment in assessment tools, games, therapy equipment, and technology. We even develop our own materials, informal assessment tools and iPad applications; all to ensure customised and effective therapy delivery to our clients.

Personalised Services

We provide customised intervention programs for each and every client. These are tailor-made to each child based on assessments and observations. Our therapists are trained in a variety of approaches and methods to allow them to choose and apply the best one based on the client’s needs. We also develop individualised goals, both short term and long term, so that all therapy and intervention is outcome-focused. Goals are developed based on the assessment done by the therapist and based on parental concerns. We take pride in being able to achieve goals, and once these are reached, we either discharge clients or establish new goals.

Deep Understanding of Our Clients’ Needs

Having served thousands of clients from Singapore and around the region, we have a developed a deep understanding of their needs. This includes understanding their schooling environment; be it MOE, Special Schools or one of the International Schools such as the American, Australian, Canadian or Tanglin schools as well as many others. Our therapists regularly visit schools for our clients and are in touch with teachers at the schools. They understand the way each respective school operates and how to help our clients meet the school requirements. Our therapists also work closely with other professionals from other organisations to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Safety and Hygiene

Our primary clients are children, and we realize the important of safety and hygiene. We have a dedicated two full time office cleaners to ensure all therapy rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.

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Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids

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Our company's mission is to deliver early intervention for children, using a multi-disciplinary approach. We provide Occupational Therapy services in a Sensory Integration framework, Speech Therapy, Psychological assessment & intervention, Physiotherapy, Remedial Teaching, Social Skills Training, & Structured Teaching.


Our company's mission is to deliver early intervention for children, using a multi-disciplinary approach. We provide Occupational Therapy services in a Sensory Integration framework, Speech Therapy, Psychological assessment & intervention, Educational Therapy, Social Skills Training, and Structured Teaching. We also run a 5-day-a-week Early Intervention Program.

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Dynamics Success Centre

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Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention, School Readiness & Special Support


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Dynamics Psychological Practice

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Early Intervention Program

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