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Special Education Teacher

The Role:

  1. Conduct Early Intervention Program (EIP) in a small group setting.
  2. Assess, evaluate, teach and manage children with difficulties in learning.
  3. Ability to assess the developmental levels and behaviour of a child using appropriate techniques
  4. Display knowledge and skills to record observations and assessment results of a student.
  5. Design Lesson plans and track progress.
  6. Developing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students and writing progress reports.
  7. Conducting Parent-Teacher Conference.
  8. Exhibit knowledge & skills to manage behaviour through appropriate behaviour intervention strategies.
  9. Ability to work collaboratively in teams in objectivity and fairness to achieve optimal outcomes for the children (manage workplace relationships effectively, liaison with other services, comply to legal/ ethical/ organisational framework)


  1. Possess a Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Degree in Special Education (SPED) or Early Childhood (Special Needs) or Education (Special Education)
  2. Working experience with young children with learning difficulties.
  3. Working experience in an early intervention setting.
  4. Other relevant certification by professional bodies relating to special education or early intervention may be considered.
  5. Bubbly personality.
  6. Passionate in working with children of all ages.
  7. Dedicated & passionate for teaching with a view to enhance and motivate their interest to learn.
  8. Strong verbal & written communication skills in English.
  9. An organized and systematic person.
  10. Ability to work independently and well in a team.

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