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Speech & Language

When a child is distinctively behind his/her peers and classmates in learning speech or language skills, communication is generally considered to be delayed. On the other hand, speech and language disorders denote problems in communication and related areas such as oral motor function.

These delays and disorders could mean that a young child is either substituting words for sounds, or perhaps is not able to understand or use language, or employ the correct usage of their oral-motor mechanism.

Communication delays and disorders may lead to children feeling isolated amongst their friends or classmates. It is hence extremely important to find appropriate as well as timely intervention. In addition to this, speech and language delays or disorders can cause difficulties in learning thereby keeping the child behind his/her peers in class.

At Dynamics Speech, our therapists assist children by providing individual therapy after consulting with the child's family. They also help to develop targets and methods for efficient therapy in school and at home.