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Dyscalculia Singapore


Dyscalculia is a learning challenge for math and math-related language. This learning difficulty can make life extremely problematic for someone like a student. For example, students with dyscalculia can struggle with concepts like quantities, as well as with connecting number sense together.

Early Indicators of Dyscalculia

  • Trouble recognizing how many objects there are, when looking at a small group of items.
  • Struggle in remembering basic facts (addition when one is younger, multiplication details when one is older).
  • Deliberate counting to arrive at numbered answers.
  • Working at a slow speed when numbers and arithmetic is concerned.
  • Avoiding math homework and lacking confidence with tasks relating to math.
  • Reduced mental arithmetic skills and/or poor written arithmetic skills.

As a parent of a child diagnosed with dyscalculia, you need to understand that this learning disability necessitates a different educational approach. It’s crucial to turn the learning process into a positive and rewarding experience instead. As a parent, try to make the learning process as engaging and likeable as possible, and ask a lot of questions to keep the child focused on the task.

A student diagnosed with dyscalculia will likely require extra help or educational therapy. Dynamics is highly experienced in tutoring, support and parental guidance, when it comes to coping with dyscalculia.