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Dynamics Therapy Hub

Dynamics Therapy Hub

Dynamics Therapy Hub provides quality Occupational therapy and Speech therapy services to community organisations, local and international mainstream schools. Our mission is to serve children and youth who require support in their school or community environment so as to enhance their learning performance as a student.

VWOs and Community Organisations

Dynamics Therapy Hub invites schools community organisations and VWOs to engage our services provided by experienced therapists:

  • Full day/half-day Occupational therapy or Speech Therapy services
    Dynamics Therapy Hub provides specialised group therapy and/or individual 1 to 1 intensive therapy services for students. Occupational Therapy aims at enhancing children’s sensory motor skills, attention, fine motor skills, self-help skills etc. Speech Therapy focuses on social and language communications which include expressive skills, receptive skills, articulation, attention and listening skills.
  • Staff training (for teachers, allied educators and therapy assistants)
    Dynamics Therapy Hub seeks to equip the school team (including teachers and allied educators) with the knowledge and strategies when working with students who require more support in the school environment. This may be done by conducting talks or hands-on workshops which are customised to meet the needs of the school team, to better support their students.
  • Clinical Supervision and consultation
    At Dynamics Therapy hub, we have a pool of experienced Occupational therapists and Speech Therapists who are registered with Allied Health Professional Council. Our experienced therapists could provide on-site supervision/consultation for junior therapists, therapy assistants or teachers to enhance their knowledge and use of strategies so as to better support the students in their school environment.
  • Educational Workshops/Talks (for teachers and parents)
    Our therapists design customised talks or workshops for teachers and/or parents in accordance to the needs of the students’ cohort.

International Schools and Local Schools

Dynamics Therapy Hub is able to customize a program for your students focusing on Handwriting, Social Skills, and Sensory Regulation as either a CCA or an Enrichment Program.

Typically, the program is consists of 10 sessions with specific topics for each session. During the first session, a pre-assessment for the students will be conducted and a post assessment will be conducted on the last session to demonstrate the progress of the student. All materials will be supplied. Students will be engaged in a fun and exciting way to get them to participate.

Dynamics Therapy Hub also provides individual intensive Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy sessions within the school environment. This allows close collaborations between the therapist and the school team.