Educational Therapy

Child's playing with numbers

We are passionate about helping children achieve and progress. Our team of professionals is enthusiastic about helping children through learning activities designed to build on strengths while improving the weaker areas of academics and cognitive skills. We understand that many children who are having trouble coping at school have underlying difficulties which must be taken account of in order to progress in academics.

Our teachers design individual programs to address the cognitive skills of Auditory and Visual Perception and Memory which are important in the learning process. We are committed to an individual approach which identifies the gaps in Literacy, Math and Study Skills and target areas for improvement.

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Targeting success in the areas of:

  • Improving attention span
  • Reducing activity levels
  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Targeting educational needs:
  • Class in session
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Dyslexia
    • Reading and Spelling
    • Writing skills
    • Mathematics
    • CAPD
    • Dyspraxia (Motor Planning Issues)
    • Language delay

Targeting Success starts with:

  • Identifying the child's needs
  • Assessing underlying learning difficulties
  • Targeting specific skills to remediate
  • Giving recommendations for home and school

With a holistic approach to student's difficulties which takes full account of the history, profile and needs, your child will receive the attention he or she needs in a warm and positive environment which enables effective learning.

We understand that children learn best when they are motivated and so use a wide range of strategies including computer technology to make education fun but with the emphasis on getting maximum benefit from the opportunities available in the one to one situation.

Each of us thrives on success, so it is an essential aspect of our teaching that we identify the baseline for each student and structure the programmes specifically for the individual, something that is not often possible within larger groups.

Not all students will require standardised assessment. It depends on the student's history and needs.

Some children need extra support to help them focus and consolidate their daily learning. Others need to improve Literacy and Maths skills by filling in gaps in their previous learning so that they can make the most of their current and future educational opportunities. When a standardised Education Assessment with a full written report would be of benefit, it can be carried out by a senior teacher who is fully qualified and experienced in this area.

In particular circumstances such as when the student history is indicative of Attention, Emotional, Behavioural or medical difficulties and when the report is required by MOE, the assessment can be carried out through the Dynamics Psychology Service.

Otherwise, the baseline for planning purposes will be investigated during the initial sessions of Education Therapy so that the programme can address the weaknesses and utilise the strengths of the individual.

To find out more about how our program can help your child, feel free to contact us, our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you.

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