How to Get Started

Making an appointment is simple. Call us at 61009235 or drop us an email at

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, and Saturday 9am to 6pm. We accept referrals from schools, doctors and other health professionals, psychologists, as well as self-referral by parents.

In most cases, we provide therapy sessions once a week. However, we tailor the intervention plan to the needs of the child and the preferences of parents.

The frequency of therapy session is therefore quite wide. In some cases, we may see a child once a month as 'maintenance' to ensure his progress is not reversed.

All therapy is unique and individualized as each person and every kid learns at his or her own pace, therapy duration varies.

Some kids find their needs change as they get older or as they progress through the school system. They may return to the therapist to figure out new ways of coping with problems or to master a new skill.

Kids can help speed up treatment by following the instructions of their therapist, and in particular practicing on their own. In some cases, where the child may benefit from intensive therapy, we recommend attending our DynamicKids intensive program to accelerate progress.